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Saving Money on Heating

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saving money on heating
Heating costs are something that I’m sure we have all worried about at some point or another.  A week doesn’t seem to go by when I do not hear in depth discussions on the radio about price fixes and how to switch energy suppliers.  They tell us that if we switch we could be saving money, but I often find myself wondering if there are other things we could be doing.

Like most people, we are on a pretty tight budget here, and I am always interested to hear about anything that could save us a bit of money.  And, even if we weren’t wanting to keep a tight grip on the purse strings, spending money on things you don’t need to, seems pointless.  The added incentive when thinking about saving money on your electricity bills is that by using less energy we are benefiting ourselves, by cutting our bills, and the environment by not wasting energy unnecessarily.honeywell1

This is where Evohome by Honeywell comes in handy, using modern technologies to help control exactly where you do and don’t need to be heating on demand.  This nifty tool therefore helps to save you money and the environment.  Now, we’re all busy people and we don’t have the time to work out contrived heating plans to save a few pennies so one of the best things about using Evohome is that you can control your heating with total ease using a phone or tablet.

The system works by simply setting up ‘zones’ in the house which can be individually controlled.  You can configure your heating zones in many different ways:

  • You may choose to simply group rooms that are near each other around the house
  • You could group them according to the activities that go on in each area
  • You may also choose to create a zoning plan based on the frequency with which each room is used

 You can find out more about how to set up the system and find out which parts of the Evohome kit you need.

How will it save me money?
Research suggests that up to 82 per cent of a typical energy bill is attributed to home heating and hot water – so just by using your heating controls more wisely you are likely to be reducing your energy usage and therefore saving money.  Having control over your heating makes fine tuning your bills as easy as turning a light switch on or off.

Just this week we went away to visit family and realised we did not turn off the heating whilst we were away.  Lets face it, when you are running around packing bags for the kids the last thing you want to worry about is the money you’re wasting, so it would have been fantastic to know that I could have done this using my phone.    So, whether you are working from home or out for the evening with friends, evohome provides an opportunity to save energy.

Like many energy saving devices, there is an initial upfront cost, but the long term savings of the device provide great value for money as well as peace of mind.  You can feel safe in the knowledge that you could be saving up to 40% on heating your home, whilst doing your bit for the environment.

DISCLOSURE: This is sponsored post, all words, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. This sounds really useful – thanks for the heads-up!
    Emma :-)

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