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Now You Are Two


Last weekend we decided to celebrate your 2nd Birthday at the Black Country Museum.  We drove up early in the morning, wrapped up nice and warm, after stopping to get Daddy a haircut.

We wandered around, first browsing the cars and buses and took a van to the shops where we bought a lollypop that turned your entire face blue.  You walked and walked, until you ran and fell over several times, your feet getting away from you.  On the canal side you landed in a big muddy puddle, and you looked a tad forlorn until you picked yourself up and carried on regardless.  We didn’t even hear a peep about your sodden socks and shoes.

You gaped at all the fires in the tiny workman cottages and spoke energetically to the shop keepers.  Eagerly you dived in to your freshly cooked chips as we sat on a bench outside in the cold and then headed inside for cake, cake and more cake.  We found ourselves at the cinema and you watched your first ever film, The Vagabond by Charlie Chaplin.  You sat wiggling on my lap, watching, listening and snacked on cheese and cheerios before heading outside to try your hand at some traditional games.  You imitated grandad playing with a whipping top on the cobbles and chased after the metal hoops as everyone amazed at how young you were.

Soon it was time to go, you were tired and it was getting cold, so we stopped for a quick stroke of a horse in the stables and then ran to catch the bus.  What a lovely way to celebrate you, my wonderful two year old.


  1. I love your photos. A wonderful birthday treat for your little man. I keep meaning to go to the Black country museum, it looks wonderful.
    (Love your hubbies coat)

  2. Lovely photos. Happy birthday to you little man, looks like he had a brilliant day.

  3. Ah belated Birthday Wishes little chap – lovely photos and sounds like you all had a great day – just what birthdays are all about :) x

  4. I am sure that these memories will stick around forever – lovely to celebrate a birthday with a special day out. Looks like you had a fab day together :)

  5. What gorgeous photos. It looks like you had a great birthday day out together.

  6. Beautiful photos, looks like a great birthday day out :)

  7. What a beautiful little boy :) Sounds like he definitely made the most of it! Funnily enough I was reading about the Black Country Museum on another blog this morning too! *deja vu*

  8. Oh I love 2. Never the “terrible twos” here, it was a fabulous age!

  9. Sounds (& looks) like a perfect birthday. Hope he has fun being 2!

  10. Wow, a perfect birthday present for a two year old boy, me thinks, he looks chuffed in the pictures!

  11. How can he be two already,. Look your pictures

  12. What a great way to spend your son’s birthday. Your photos are lovely too.

  13. Looks just perfect! A real family day out – and with cake!

  14. beautiful pics! Wilf just turned two also, what a lovely age! x

  15. such a magical and gorgeous age! lovely pics and hope he had a great birthday!

  16. What a beautiful post! Visually stunning, and gorgeously written. Our little Gwen’s going to be two soon as well, and we were thinking of having a party….but a day out might actually be a nicer thing to do with her.

  17. Looks like a fab day – lovely photos too! This is my first visit to your blog – I’ll be having a look around!

  18. Love your photos. Glad you all had a great day :)

  19. I used to love the Black Country Museum as a kid it was always amazing going back in time almost. x

  20. Beautiful photo’s.
    This is somewhere I’ve never been. Looks like you all had fun.

  21. Never been but your photos make me want to go……love how you have edited your photos to take us to another era!

  22. It looks like a great place and you take beautiful photos! x

  23. What a great day out – and that collage of photos is brilliant too!

  24. What an amazing 2nd birthday! Your photos are gorgeous – what great memories to cherish x

  25. Happy 2nd Birthday!! really nice pictures and i love the way you write to your son!

  26. Ahhh, belated Happy 2nd to your gorgeous boy. :)

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