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Living Arrows 17/52

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Living ArrowsAs the nights aren’t so dark any more, I caught a lovely shot of you splashing in the bath.  We love bath times here, lots of chatter and giggling between you and your brother.  It’s an ordinary activity that we will no doubt do thousands of times before you grow big enough to just do it yourself.  I can barely imagine those days right now but I know soon I will find myself there, with a little girl and no baby.  Already there is talk of weaning, and suddenly I find myself feeling like I’m falling behind on the time scales.  Then I look at your ever growing face and realise that it all happens naturally, you have all that learning within you.
SONY DSC Living ArrowsI think it every week but you are just growing in every way, so quickly.  We say something, you repeat it and then somehow you know it.  You can remember it, even call on it at a later date.  You have started using more connective words, ‘and’ ‘ has made its first appearance as well as your first “Aneurin”.  It kind of seems crazy that it took you 2 years to know your full name.  That will serve us right for giving you such an unusual one I guess, but at least you have an interesting story to tell people.  You are happy, boisterous, busy and love to make us laugh.  Anything you do that raises a smile you do over and over, trying to get the same reaction.  Everyone says how happy you are, what a beautiful smile you have and we take it for granted.  You are of course difficult in equal measure, because you never do things by halves.

living arrows

One Comment

  1. Oh these are such sweet photos Jenni , I love bath time with the kids – I wish I had taken more photos when they were this age x

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