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April Blossom


SONY DSC SONY DSCSONY DSCI am loving the combination of the pink blossom and the yellow rape seed at the moment.  I find the contrast crazily enjoyable and kind of psychedelic.  Soon the blossom will be gone, (it’s already falling) and then the next phase of growth will come along.  There are tulips galore, these are ones we planted when I was still pregnant back in early November.  I had forgotten which ones I’d bought and these pink blossoms are very unlike me, however I’m finding them strangely appealing.  SONY DSC SONY DSCThen on with the next stage of the garden.  I think these are my anemones de caen coming through.  I soaked the bulbs and planted them months ago and hoped they would grow so I can cut them to display inside.  The bulbs seem to have swelled from these tiny corns to gigantic conkers, I’m so excited to see them bloom.
SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSCThe garden is being somewhat taken over by the field.  It’s wonderful having such an open fence but as the wildflowers creep in I think I will have to take some of the garden back.  I find myself madly googling what weeds look like in their infancy so I can strike before they grow madly.  It is a battle I am loosing at the moment.   The ground up there is rather mossy with a couple of old tree stumps and fungus seems to grow in abundance.  SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCThe flower assortment is growing, I just love this unusual double daffodil and the gorgeous tiny flowers on the rosemary.  Then there are the big floppy pansies that Nye insists on ‘watering’ by ripping them out of the ground and blasting them with a hose pipe!  I’m thinking more and more about flowers now most of my fruit and veg seeds are sown.  I recently bought Life in a Cottage Garden by Carol Cline which I have been feasting my eyes on.  It’s done nothing for my addicition to buying seeds and I was totally blown over by a bed of poppies, verbascum and astrantia.  I’ve bought some similar varieties to grow from seed so we shall see how it goes!
SONY DSCSONY DSCOne of the major easter jobs has been re-painting some teak garden furniture we picked up from ebay a few weeks ago.  I ended up applying about 4 layers of this blue paint but I am so in love.  As I spent yet another afternoon dripping in blue paint I tried to imagine how pleased I’d be when it was finished.  I’ll be sharing a full set of before and after pictures later this week.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCThe veg patch continues to grow, we now have potatoes, big fat onions and garlic, peas and lettuce.  I went to sow some more carrots, thinking the first ones had failed, but just as I crouched down I found the tiniest of carrot seedlings sprouting up from the earth.  Nye has been trampling all over them, I hope some survive, at least I can be certain that they will be hardy!SONY DSCMammasaurus and How Does Your Garden Grow?


  1. I love the sound of your veg patch. We’ve just got carrots and beans at the moment, plus strawberries and herbs, but I’m always short on space in my raised beds

    • This is my first year of gardening here and I am going a bit mad, I think I might have to start digging up the lawn soon!

  2. Such lovely images! I love the colour you have painted your garden furniture – reminds me of the seaside and beach huts!

  3. Beautiful!!!… I love your Table and chairs, so unique and different from the usual wood stained type you see often!… I love that Purple Pansie! :) #HDYGG

  4. I love blossom! x
    Honey recently posted…Silent SundayMy Profile

  5. Love these so much – that pink tulip made me swoon – serious beautiful photos. I’m sure there’s a Spring pallete to be made from the one with the blossom and rapeseed *makes mental note*

    That blue paint is so nice – you must grin everytime you look at it – such happy colour. I can see I need to come and camp in your garden!

    Much love and thankies for joining in – this post rocks my socks ! x
    Mammasaurus recently posted…Orchids in the Glasshouse, photos of the orchid display at RHS WisleyMy Profile

  6. I LOVE that you can look out onto the Rapeseed from you house and garden! I have to keep stopping the bike to stand and view in awe. I had a fence in our old house that I painted that blue once and it was my fav corner. It’s such a flattering backdrop for plants.

  7. These photos are just beautiful and I’m loving your blue table and chairs.
    debra recently posted…thoughtful playMy Profile

  8. There’s so much going on in your lovely garden and some great projects too.
    Caroline Smith recently posted…Apples and PearsMy Profile

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