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May 27, 2015
by Jenni Clutten

Understairs and hallway Storage ideas

With our living room storage now sorted, my sights have turned to under stair and hallway storage ideas.

When you have a small house (and two small children), every spare inch of space really does have to work for you.  Our hallway is currently in its 3rd redesign, after we have gradually rearranged other rooms and tried different pieces of furniture in different places.  But over time I think you do learn what you do and don’t need.  What items really can’t go in any other place and what furniture does and doesn’t work.

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b and m.table.

May 21, 2015
by Jenni Clutten

A picnic in the garden

We just love to eat outdoors, any time there is even a hint of sunshine the children are asking to sit at the table in the garden, or head out for a picnic.  In fact last year, before we had even had a chance to buy any garden furniture, we ate at a rickety old pasting table (that very almost gave way). Such is our zest for some garden living.

Thankfully now we have a full set of garden furniture we bought and painted last year, which makes it much easier! It sits on the patio just outside the kitchen, so whether it’s a planned BBQ or an impromptu weekend lunch we can easily head outside.

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May 11, 2015
by Jenni Clutten

Vida 8 in 1 cooker review

Vida.multicookerDo you have a slow cooker?
My childhood is full of stews, cooked for hours, served with potatoes out of a slow cooker.  It wasn’t that inspiring, but it was always hearty and obviously a convenient way of feeding 4 children.

Pinterest tells me that things have moved on rather a lot since those meat stew days, crockpot cinnamon roles, slow cooked chilli con carne, my mouth is watering already,  I’ve been considering buying one for ages but the biggest question I always have is, ‘Will it be a genuine help, or just left to clutter up my worktop?”

I was sent the Vida 8 in 1 Multi Cooker to review, it’s a slow cooker but with a temperature control so it can also be used for, searing, deep frying, steaming and much more.


What have we used it for?
So far we have used the slow cooker function the most, we’ve made curry, breakfast omelettes, slow cooked oats and french toast.  We’ve also used the stir fry function for the tasty pork and cashew dish above and the deep fryer for some chips to accompany our date night steak. Continue Reading →