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March 20, 2015
by Jenni Clutten

Bath in Style

IMG_6656.viewWe were in Bath last weekend, just the two of us thanks to my lovely parents in law bravely stepping in to look after the kids.  We spent our time wandering all the historic lanes as well as browsing some gorgeous high st shops and taking in the culture, history (and food).

Once the kids were safely strapped in to the car by the in-laws, we set on our, hour and a half journey.    As we neared the hotel we drove up and down hills and through the lush greenery of the Combe Grove Manor Hotel, parked up and headed inside.  We were itching to explore Bath (and get some lunch) so hopped in a cab and headed into town after dropping off our luggage.

IMG_0479IMG_6652 door.stop. IMG_0012

Once we hopped out of the cab in town we had a brief browse of the shops and looked for a good place to eat.  Happily we quickly stumbled upon The Pump Room Restaurant which had been recommended to us.  There was a small wait for a table but it was absolutely worth it.  We both couldn’t resist the roast chicken which was absolutely delicious, (it’s unusual we order the same thing as I usually like to try lots of things on the menu).  It was perfectly tender, rich in flavour and the perfect size.  Topped off with a glass of fizz and a gin and tonic in Neil’s case we really felt like we were in the lap of luxury!  IMG_0022 sampling the spa water, (hot water with a sweet acquired taste is how I’d describe it), it was time to properly hit the shops. I was practically jumping with joy at the idea of browsing in peace, with no children to bribe into pushchair compliance.  Despite being child free I always end up in Children’s shops, and I had to stop off at One Small Step One Giant Leap, a delicious children’s shoe shop and an amazing children’s toy shop called My Small World Toy Store.  Hello beautiful, quality toys.  I couldn’t resist the dejeco dinosaur stickers or this Le Toy Van Dolls House Furniture Set to add to the Dolls House we have bought as a Christmas Present for the children.

IMG_6665.cropmy small worldIMG_6699IMG_6701

Bath in Style / skirt* / Jumper* / Coat / Boots

Day 2 was Spa Day. A quick ride into town and a dash to the Spa (we were running late of course).  We booked our package in advance and it included lunch in the on sight cafe.  I’ve been wanting to go to the Bath Thermae Spa since I first heard about it years ago.  We loved the open air pool on the roof and the herbal steam rooms but it was certainly much busier than any of the Spa’s we have been to before.  I still think it’s a must visit and I’m glad I’ve been, sadly however as purifying as it was, it failed to clear out my dreadful cold. Sorry Cesar, minus one point to the Romans.IMG_6659 there was a pit stop at Ben’s cookies, who knew there was one in Bath!? Coffee and cookies, and then off to the showroom and Anthropology who were handing out fizz.  I just loved the display arrangements, it was hard to resist picking up a million things that I don’t need! But oh so pretty.

coffee.bath. IMG_6636IMG_6638Hope you’ve enjoyed our little insight into our weekend in Bath.  What are your top places to visit on a kid free weekend?

March 13, 2015
by Jenni Clutten

Just Eat Voucher Giveaway

These last few weeks have been tough. A scratched cornea, cold and flu and a broken dishwasher .  Throw into the mix two toddlers that are also feeling under the weather, and you’ll know what it’s like at 7pm when you creep down the stairs and breathe a sigh of relief and can’t help but collapse into the sofa.

On those night, you return to the kitchen, look in the fridge and you’re uninspired but starving to death.  This is when I must admit, I turn to my phone, load up the Just Eat app, pick whatever cuisine I fancy and await confirmation and delivery/collection.

Do you have a favourite take away?  We are quite new to the area and rely on the multiple reviews left on the local outlets, they are full of information about delivery time, taste and tips on what to order too from other customers.  Especially good if you’re adventurous and want to try something new that won’t disappoint!

Luckily for me, Just Eat got in touch offering a £25 Just Eat Voucher giveaway for you lovely people to celebrate their Tried & Tasted awards.  “Food Lovers across the country who have been ordering their favourite takeaways via JUST EAT feedback on their experience by reviewing and rating their much-loved local takeaways. On the back of this comes the JUST EAT Tried and Tasted awards which focuses on quality and consistency.

This year, JUST EAT has introduced the new Consistency Award which recognises the Nation’s Top 20 from those establishments that have achieved Tried & Tasted for four years in a row.  Is your area on the list?

Want to enter the giveaway?  Just fill in the Rafflecopter below and tell me, when are you most in need of a takeaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Mothers Day Gift Guide 2015

March 6, 2015 by Jenni Clutten | 0 comments

Do you celebrate mothers day?  Before I was a mother I didn’t really give much thought to mothers day, apart from when I was much younger.  But now I have my own children I actually regard it as a really special occasion to be thankful for those people in out lives who have looked after us. Be them mothers, female role models and/or best friends.

I think the best gifts are ones that last; a good book and a promise of some quite time alone to settle down with a cup of tea or a gorgeous pamper set and the offer of an hour off to float away in the bath. I’m a particular fan of pretty much anything on this mothers day gift guide.

Mothers Day Gift Guide


A handmade card or craft is a lovely touch, here are some of my favourite easy to make activities that you can do with a spare 30 minutes.  I haven’t decided what we’ll be up to yet but it’s nice to know that I can pull something out of the bag at the very last moment.

mothers day crafts


Top 3 mothers day trips:
gb.houseoffraiser (1 of 1)-9
A trip to the beach –  Something as simple as a family trip to the beach and a cheeky ice cream cone is such a good reminder of how much joy there is in being a mother and simply spending time together.
A picnic (anywhere) – Be it the garden, the living room or in the grounds of a country mansion.  There’s something so lovely about making plates of food to share together.  Even if it’s just cheese sandwiches and a packet of crisps on a picnic bench.
A sneaky trip to the spa – Ok this one is a bit more extravagant but why not let mum know that she’s super star.  We’re actually off for a weekend away and spending the evening in the gorgeous Thermea Spa in Bath which is something on my mega life to do list.
How about you?  What would you love to receive on mothers day?

February 26, 2015
by Jenni Clutten

Life in 2015

Hello? Are you still there?

Sorry I’ve been away so long, I bet you’ve been chomping at the bit to see our finished toddler bed. (Kidding)!  I swear I’ll find the time to take some decent photos at some point…

Life has been so busy recently, I barely seem to be able to find the time to just sit down for a few moments and when I do, I can think of a million things I should be going.  (Reducing the mountainous piles of washing, sewing in childrens clothings labels and oh trying to be the Chair of a Pre School…) It takes its toll on a blog.

In the midst of all of this, I’ve also managed to have another birthday, go for a weekend away and finally finish repainting our kitchen.

I honestly don’t know how other bloggers do it, my house seems to be half finished as I try and cram as much as I possibly can into these days that speed by whilst I stand picking up tiny crumbs of dry playdough off the floor. (Just me!?)

Anyway, I am still here so I hope you are too.  I am hoping to get things back on track soon and have some Spring plans on the horizon.

In the mean time, here are some things I we’ve been up to recently -

Updating my blog
Adding actual pages and trying to categorise them.  Am I the only one who didnt really know what categories were when they started a blog.  So now you will find me every night, re-categorising EVERY post on my blog so that it’s now possible to actually browse through related items.  I’ve started with Home Tips & Interiors.  There are a million and one guides on how to improve your wordpress blog online, and I’ve been collating them into my WordPress Pinterest board. I’m also looking to install a new theme but yet to decide which one. And massive thanks to mammasuars who stepped in to help me when I was hacked.

Dreaming of an extension
The downstairs living space in our house is tiny, we literally have two rooms and a tiny bathroom.  Extending into our garden would be the perfect solution, and with the views we already have, adding more glass would be a bonus.  I’ve been collating my favourite inspiration over on Houzz and you can see my ideabook below.

Taking a weekend Away
As I mentioned above, Neil and I spent a lovely weekend away for my birthday.  Strangely you might think, we decided to stay in Birmingham.  It seemed like a good option, providing loads of good shopping opportunities but being affordable enough that we could do everything we wanted as well as only 30 minutes from my parents in law.  We stayed at Hotel La Tour (and even got a free upgrade to a suite).  The credit goes to Rosalilium for her previous reviews.  I’ll give youa  full update later on places we’d recommend on a weekend break in Birmingham.  All in all we totally loved it.
IMG_6447Getting back in the garden
After months of pretty much ignoring both our front and back garden we have starting prepping for spring.  Clearing all the fallen branches and leaves, watering the sweet peas, clearing the sand out of the playhouse.  We’ve also started thinking about what we want to grow in our vegetable garden, peas were a massive hit so I’m hoping to grow a couple of varieties.  I also want to see if I can grow some more sunflowers and pumpkins for the first time.

What have you been up to so far this year?

Updating toddler bed – Part 1

January 19, 2015 by Jenni Clutten | 0 comments

gb. (1 of 1)

Got a toddler bed that’s grown outdated or just in need of a bit of love?

With a little boy complaining that he didn’t like his bed, I offered to get him a dinosaur bed.  We looked around and considered our options, and then it dawned on me that I could repaint his current bed.  It would cost me very little, I already had some paint I could use, and if it didn’t work I hadn’t lost anything I wasn’t already going to replace it.

So, a few weeks ago when the weather was a tad warmer, we donned our finest painting gear and cracked open the paint.  I had already bought some Annie Sloan paint for some other projects, but I’d neer used it.
gb. (1 of 1)-5gb. (1 of 1)-7
The thing that appealed most to me was the knowledge that there would be no sanding or priming required.  This Thomas bed is a lurid clash of reds, yellows and blues.  When we first bought it on ebay for a thrifty £13, Nye loved it.  I still remember that at the time he was saying his first words and pointing at the trains and saying ‘choo choo’.

I wasn’t 100% convinced that the paint would stick to the shiny surface or that it wouldn’t take 5 coats.  But actually, after just one coat, there were only a few patches that needed a repaint.
gb. (1 of 1)-6 gb. (1 of 1)-8

You will need:

  • paint stirrer
  • paintbrush
  • Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (we used the French Linen Shade)


1. Wipe down the bed with a damp cloth and leave to dry
2. Open and stir the paint thoroughly
3. Grab a brush and spread an even coat all over
4. Let the first coat dry and apply a second coat

Part two coming soon!

Now you are 3!

January 18, 2015 by Jenni Clutten | 0 comments

eag. (1 of 1)-3

Dearest Nye,

You are now three years old and have suddenly transitioned into a little boy, with ever slender limbs and feet that need multiple pairs of shoes. You have been on this earth for three whole years and I do not know where they have gone.  The changes, the developments, they just fly by and you are there growing, learning and melding your own way.

You have always been so determined, knowing your own mind and sticking to your guns, even as a baby.  You were never flexible, it was all we ever knew and we accepted you as you were.  Now it has made you who you are, so full of opinions and your own way of seeing the world.

I love the way you smile at people, you light up other people’s faces and make them laugh with the different way you look at life. People who meet you say you have character and are cheeky and you are.  You are pretty good at one liners, and over the course of this year have come up with some great lines.  Including your creative use of the word Nye which became Nyself.  Your chain of thought is so sporadic, I find it quite easy to follow the things you connect, but I know it makes you special. Your crazy memory, where you remember events months down the line with exceptional clarity.  You’re still talking about the time we got a burst tyre and the fact we went blackberry picking while we were waiting for the breakdown assistance or the time you got a tiny bit of ice in your eye.

aag. (1 of 1)-2aag. (1 of 1)-6You often ask to bake things, mixing the ingredients and adding sprinkles to the top.  There is a daily barrage of queries about whether it is time for a biscuit yet.  We try to placate you with slice of fruit and Cheerios and some days it works better than others.  You don’t make life easy, there are negotiations most days, but the darkest days  of tantrums and fierce arguments have gone with a change in your perspective and our patience.

As busy as you can be, you are still cautious, you’d never be the first person to go down the slide without serious encouragement and consideration.  For your 3rd birthday we got you a new scooter, it’s a sign you’re getting older, able to do more things for yourself.  Although, the only things you actually asked for were a chocolate bee and a picnic.
aag. (1 of 1)-5

Happy 3rd Birthday my darling boy, we can’t wait to see how you grow over the course of this year.