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October 1, 2015
by Jenni Clutten
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Getting ready for snug season

Are you getting ready for #snugseason ?  The colder weather has really been on my mind as I start to turn my attention toward the end of the year, preparing the house for the holidays that will be coming just around the corner.

At this time of year I love to think about getting warm and cosy, wrapping up in blankets and preparing to spend more and more time nestled up, nice and snug indoors.  Like most people we’ll be spending more and more time in the living room, and that’s why now is the perfect time to get it ready for #snugseason

Here’s my moodboard to represent the look I’d love to get,  using neutral tones and classic stripes with a hint of blue to bring everything together.  I love how Autumn is all about different textures, which is why I think the fabrics will work so perfectly.

Snug Season
Snug Season featuring Nordic made to measure curtains from The Natural Curtain Company.

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September 20, 2015
by Jenni Clutten
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3 Cutting Edge Bathroom designers you might not have heard of

When it comes to bathrooms it’s hard to know where to look for inspiration, especially when it comes to pulling together a sophisticated and design led look.  That’s why when C.P Hart got in contact about their new collections and their London Waterloo refurb I was really excited to see exactly what they’d gone for.hansgrohe-mosaic-2-3

Over the years I’ve scowered the internet looking for the very best pieces and C.P Hart has to be one of my favourite bathroom shops, it’s the place you would always turn to for something a bit different, that’s high quality with a definite wow factor.  I know many designers will take clients to this shop because of it’s wide range of products, covering all different styles. (There’s always going to be something that will capture your imaginations!) So, on to the new collections:

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September 12, 2015
by Jenni Clutten

Learning to Run

In July, something happened to me, it took my by surprise, and I wasn’t sure how long it would continue… I decided to start running.  To my great surprise I found a program and stuck to it, and here I find myself a regular runner who has really relished the chance to find some me time.


The start of my journey was pretty slow, I was running 1 or 2 times a week slowly moving through the Couch to 5K program #C25K (You’re meant to run 3 times a week but at that time I just couldn’t make the time for it)  However, as I ran more, my commitment improved, I even ran when I went away over the summer to stay with my family. My stamina has massively improved, it’s amazing to notice how quickly I can recover from a long run in just a few minutes.

So, what did I use? I can’t recommend the NHS Couch to 5K app I downloaded enough, it works in very small increments, starting from mainly walking and getting to the point now where I am running continuously for 25 minutes plus.

There were other changes it brought about too, at about 5 weeks I decided to also make a change to my diet.  Really looking at how much and what I was putting into my body and realising that I truly had no idea what hunger was.  I think it wouldn’t be an overestimation to say that I’ve started retraining my brain back to what a normal portion size looks like and realised that even having too many healthy snacks means you’re taking on too many calories.  Simply put, I ate too much which actually meant that when I had a treat I didn’t even appreciate it!


Why did I stick at it? I’ve thought about running many many times before, but for some reason I’ve persevered.  This particular journey started with me signing up to a very intensive boot-camp which I spurred me on to find the right level of activity for me.  The bootcamp wasn’t it, it exhausted me so much that I didn’t enjoy it, but the benefit of it was helping me find what would work.

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